20 Cannabis-Infused Body Products

May 11, 2017

Cannabis-infused beauty products have been around (covertly) for centuries. With legalization sweeping the nation, many more canna-beauty products are coming out of the closet. In fact, so many new products are inundating the market, it’s hard to tell the real deal from the snake oil.

To help sift through various strains of hemp oil hair products and marijuana mud masks, HIGH TIMES has put together a comprehensive, unisex, head-to-toe guide of our favorite canna-scents, serums, lotions and potions.

I have already written about the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to help to heal acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth and brighten skin, including a DIY recipe for a THC facial.

Below is a comprehensive product guide to what you can invest in, rather than invent.

Forget Head & Shoulders. Cibaderm’s CBD Hemp Oil Natural Shampoo is a cleansing cannabidiol shampoo that will work wonders for your hair and scalp and is excellent for all hair types. This product contains zero artificial dyes and scents, or sulphates, and is totally free of the toxic paraben sisters, ethyl and methyl.

Nature’s Gate Hemp Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner are the perfect, dynamic duo for people with dry, thick, wavy or frizzy hair. Hemp oil, rich in omega fatty acids, helps restore moisture and add shine. The renewing properties of milk thistle, elderflower and allspice leave hair silky soft and smooth. In addition to being vegan and cruelty free, they cost a combined $12. How can you beat that?

While Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade isn’t obvious, or particularly pungent—like The Body Shop’s ubiquitous array of cheesy, lime green colored hemp products—it discreetly contains cannabis sativa seed, synthesized with botanical meadowfoam seed and soybean, with absorbent fatty acids for moisture, definition and texture. Yucca and aloe plant extracts help prevent damage and protect your hair from breakage.

Ever since Fresh did away with their covetable Cannabis Rose body cream, it’s been tough to find a comparable cream. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful Fresh skin care consultant Katherine Mastrosimone, from the Spring Street, Soho store in New York City, told us, “Fresh wanted to go paraben-free.” Hallelujah! (It might still be available in a dwindling supply on Ebay.)

The closest we could come to the perfection that was Cannabis Rose body cream is Kush Creams Aloe-Based Face and Eye Cream. This rich, aloe-based cream can be applied during the day under makeup and at night as well. Aloe, known for it’s skin-soothing properties, is combined with premium organic cannabis-infused emu oil and full cannabis extract to work with your natural pH. It’s scent-free and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive of skin types. While we don’t normally recommend using body creams on your face, you will want to slather this nourishing face cream all over your body.

Thankfully, Fresh still makes delicious scents, Cannabis Rose and Cannabis Santal—the latter of which, I am told actor Bruce Willis buys by the case. Cannabis Santal originally debuted as a men’s scent; however, it was quickly coveted and worn by both sexes. How a scent reacts to your body’s personal pH is definitely more important than whom it’s targeted towards. With top notes of bergamot, Brazilian orange and black plum; middle notes of patchouli, cannabis accord and rose; and base notes of chocolate, vetiver and vanilla musk, it is an irresistible combination, reminiscent of all things scrumptious and sexy.  The Cannabis Santal scent also comes in a candle.

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