Contemplating El Greco, Movement I

June 30, 2018

I mentioned in an earlier post how music slowly can open itself up.

This piece by Vangelis: El Greco, Movement I, has all the hallmarks of that.

It opens up. It is a piece of music that is very appealing to a Mystic.

It starts off quite compact and eerie. Seems dark. It is not.

The ‘Movement’ is a Mystic Journey from the lowest point to the highest point. It describes the journey through the denser fields of the Astral layers and shoots straight to the heart, by the toning of the church bells and the angelic choir. It does that several times, in order to invite you on the journey.

I have used it on multiple occasions teaching inner and outer journeys at seminars with great benefits for the participants, since: In order to go to the light – we have to emerge from our grounding and hereby transcend the darkness inside. It is self – empowering to the brink of tears, joy and awe.

Seen from an energetic perspective, it works and cleanses the chakras from the Root to the Celestial Crown Chakra. It creates a celestial oscillation within you – that pulses from the heart: in – out – in – out – out – in -out -in.

If you approach it – don’t distance yourself from the lowest point, the music will slowly reveal the divine transcending powers within itself – but you have to listen deeply and set the mind’s objections aside.  Trust in the composer and the journey.

May it serve you well. It will heal you and create a celestial toning to your mind and heart.

Vangelis, El Greco, Movement I.

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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