Fear and Senses

February 8, 2020

Our intuition works best, if we feel safe and calm and certainly if we can provide a calm room within us.

We need yet to fully explore the link between our physical, emotional and intellectual nervous system. They can only be separated in theory, since they interact on so many levels.

If we feel sick, it will impact us emotionally.
If we feel sad, it will impact us intellectually and physically and long is the list.

Some of our work towards reaching the core in us, our Celestial Self, is to separate them as a tool of self-exploration and disallow this merging, which often takes place on a subconscious level. We will have to make it conscious or we are guided by impulse and our programming.

We must divide and bring it all back together once we feel, each in his own time, that we can differ these systems of senses and hereby control our nervous systems and not leave that control to any outside self-proclaimed authority. It is: taking our power back to where it belongs: Within us.

What brings this in front: When we can master our senses, we become truly ourselves and do not fall prey to any wind stirred up on this solar plexus Planet.

Fear blocks these processes – that is why they do it, as hinted in the prior post.

The system doesn’t want you to listen to your senses, and even more so to use them. Fear makes us oblivios to sense ourselves.

Fear blocks intuition (sixth sense) as it blocks out the others.

If we block, we plunge, into the lowest of feels, which is not a feeling, but an instinct:

Fight or flight and we will act as they want us to act.
(Hence: Fear Sharpen the senses, yes, but that is imminent fear and survival mode kicks in. Constant fear by design, does quite the opposite)

Do not let them take all of your hard work within yourself down and sell yourself as a low hanging fruit, ready for the picking.

Observing the collective turmoil, is not by any means  plugging into it. Identifying with it and reacting is.

Observe and act, in the knowledge that your safety is not in the hands of any worldly construct of power.

Our safety lies elsewhere – Dear Fellow Pilgrim – We must never forget that.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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