‘How Could He Have Known?’

February 16, 2016

I knew Soren was a professional palmist but frankly, I had grown disillusioned with the concept of “fortune telling” believing, as I now do, that we “make our own fortune” so I never explored that side of him.

However, during the course of our friendship I couldn’t help noticing how prescient his various “throwaway” remarks turned out to be.
In the beginning he “described” a scar on my knee, which he could not possibly have known about. Then I mentioned that one of my friends had taken ill. I didn’t think it was serious, but Soren responded by saying she was “fading fast” and wouldn’t make it.  Sadly this turned out to be true. Then, earlier this year, my father went into hospital. Soren told me that Dad had friends looking after him from the astral plane but that he was not long for this world. Again, this turned out to be spot on.

Recently, faced with a big decision I decided to “consult” Soren properly, which meant sending him a photograph of my hands. Well, who knew my hands could be so articulate?
The reading he emailed back on an MP3 was so accurate that my husband, a confirmed sceptic, was blown away after listening and sent Soren a picture of his own hands for analysis.

This time it was my turn to be gobsmacked. I could have dismissed Soren’s insights into me as the result of our friendship and stuff I have shared with him over the months, but I never discussed my husband with him. Yet his analysis of my husband’s life had us both slack-jawed with astonishment. How could he have known a fraction of the stuff he told us?

Soren was so intuitive, perceptive, insightful, sensible, warm, funny and motivating that afterwards we both felt more self-aware and validated, as though we had been presented with an incredibly detailed portrait of ourselves. He gently advises what you need to address in your life as opposed to “easy fixes” that might hover in that most sought-after destination of them all – the future.

Soren delivers such pragmatic, positive results that I now consider him a life coach who helps people understand their potentials, limitations and abilities, in order to manifest what they want from life. If you’re feeling lost or confused, hand it over to Soren. He will help you find the path on your own psychic journey.

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