It’s Gatekeeping Time in Fear City

September 27, 2020

People tell me about family, friends, coworkers, relationship partners – suddenly bursting out in attacks on a very personal degrading note. People being downright nasty – going from being calm into sudden outburst of hate, criticism and what not.

Advice: Keep your cool and do not take it personally. Or, use the situation to terminate a friendly relationship of whatever kind of the above that has long ago served its purpose.

It is the same dynamics some people have with alcohol.
‘He or she is normally so sweet, but give them something to drink and they turn into monsters. The well-known alcohol induced shape shifting.

The problem here is the collective consciousness, which I have described in prior posts, getting the best of people. Accumulating fear both on a conscious and a subconscious level. When there is so much turmoil, unrest and the constant fear hyping – something’s got to give – the levee breaks between honorable conduct into fight or flight.

That dynamic when it reaches critical mass, becomes all too much to handle and the person(s) targeting you, really needs an outlet, and you not being especially afraid, who can see through the design of the System of Fear, suddenly stand out and become a low hanging fruit to target.

Remember, you decide if you want to be a target for systemic aggression or not. Or not, as in: Walk Away either physically, or detach inside, but do not take it. It’s gatekeeping time.

Some of these attacks are so downright nasty, that the option as mentioned to slip out of a toxic relationship – suddenly opens the door for you, to do exactly that. Terminate.

On a metaphysical note, I mentioned that in All Things Wicked, it’s the grand buffet of ghouls, sticking to people, manipulating people, entering peoples energetical system. It makes them shapeshift into ghoulish behavior.

If we understand what’s also going on in the bigger scheme of things in these so estranged times – we will survive this – by Gatekeeping our perimeter, making the narrative of that safety Gatekeeping: That we will not allow this behavior on the account of being socially accepted or keeping up appearances. That is a sell out.

We don’t need, we absolutely don’t need to demeanor ourselves by allowing others to degrade us.

If they do, they can go away for good.

It is also, seen from the positive side, an exercise in honoring ourselves and our idea of a safe environment for each of us to be in.

If we sell out on that, we can find ourselves getting sucked into these ghoulish, subhuman attacks.
If we do sell out on our compass of good conduct, we might lose our direction.

It is time to be very strong inside, knowing that we are fragile beings, high frequency beings – confronted with low frequencies, where our henchmen unknowingly are serving the ghouls, and the ghoulish vibe of fear that they feed on.

No more food for ghoulish behavior. In this case it has nothing to do with emotions – it has everything to do with willpower.

Stay grounded, celestial, head in the heavens, feet on the ground and dodge what you can if you see it coming. If it comes as a sudden impact: walk away, don’t defend yourself – since, they will understand that as you excusing yourself – if you make that opening, they will take you down.

Walk away and forgive or walk away and terminate.

Don’t let the fear get to you such as, if I don’t comply to this attack, I will be lonely and such. Maybe for a while you will be, but in that ‘for a while’ you will attract kindred spirits.

A test in self worth and honoring yourself.

It can be a shift in you – allow it and summon your Gatekeepers, morals and ethics.

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