Let’s Go and Meet the New Kid!

May 31, 2017

This is the heart-warming moment a herd of elephants rushed to welcome a baby orphan into their family.

Dok Geaw’s mother died when he was just four months old because she was forced to work in the logging industry despite being injured from giving birth.

But when her orphaned son was rescued more than a year later by the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand, a kindly herd immediately took him in as their own.

Five adult elephants and a baby rushed across a field to greet their new family member.

They poked tentatively at him with their trunks through the bars of his enclosure as if to cuddle and comfort him.

The keepers are hoping that one of the elephants, grandmother Yai Bua, will take on the role of Dok Geaw’s foster mother.

After more than a year at an Elephant conservation centre in Lampang, Dok Geaw was picked up and moved to the Elephant Nature Park to be introduced to a new family.

The youngster was carefully driven to his new home in an open air truck, with several volunteers on hand to keep him calm and spray him with water to help him stay cool.

Volunteer Debbie Charlesworth said: ‘It was just absolutely beautiful to watch these magnificent beasts just come flying across to see this new creature that they’ve got here.’

David Doust, another Australian volunteer who helped with Dok Geaw’s move, added: ‘With Dok Geaw trumpeting, they came racing over.’

Fans of the baby elephant have taken to social media to express their delight at his new-found family.

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