Liquid Water Found on Mars

July 25, 2018

An underground lake of liquid water has been discovered on Mars for the first time in a landmark discovery that bolsters the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

The reservoir, which spans 12 miles (20km) and is buried a mile (1.6km) underground, was uncovered by scientists using radar to probe the planet’s icy south pole.

Despite the triangle-shaped lake sitting at a hyper-cooled -68°C (-90°F), scientists believe the water is kept in liquid form as a ‘sludge-like’ salty brine.

The discovery is the first proof of a liquid water on Mars that still exists today – an environment scientists say is ideal for the growth of microbial life.

Experts said the ‘stunning’ find could provide the first evidence of life outside of Earth, and will serve as a key target for future missions to the red planet, potentially providing a key resource for future human settlements.

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