Reality Cramps & Sensory Overload

June 8, 2021

We have a perfect storm of fear and warped information impacting the collective consciousness and hereby ours if we don’t know how to detach from it.
When the hell does it stop? – People say.

We came here in peace, we would like to sit under a tree and cuddle, watch our children play and ‘The Drone Me Down on the Corona Floor’ little servants takes down the sound of the crickets in the moonlit evening: Facemasks, Vaccines, Don’t Stand So Close to me, they shout.
Can’t handle all that internalized fear, so they have to target you….and away went another glorious sunset.

We, have become Aliens. Let’s be comfortable with that, instead of fighting it.
You are just not that Mainstream, so don’t try to be. It will exhaust you and it might already have.

One again we can observe: This is no country for peace loving folks.

The sensory overload isn’t stress, as mainstream would think. It looks like a stress impacted breakdown in that sense but it isn’t.

It is a higher sensitivity in friction with the lowest frequency we can find: Constant Fear and the people so happy to pass it on. When that package arrives – deny delivery.

That sensitivity shows itself very differently in people. Some have an extended sensitivity tied in with hearing, some have it with sight, and some have it on a tactile level or all five senses combined. One is not more significant than another; our sensitivity is often focused in one of our senses and not all five.

Some have a very extended sixth sense, in fact I believe we all do. It might be dormant or it might be out in the open, but we can all transcend the extra sensory perception.

This sensory overload shows as an extreme, more or less, reaction to: sounds, touching, vision among others. It is a very difficult place to be. It is like the system of perception can’t handle the input anymore. A tiny sound from the TV, on the street, even a bird chirping in nature feels like somebody is cutting through your nervous system very fast with a very dull razor.
Small sounds feels excruciating – you just want out and must get away from it.
It’s a blitzkrieg on your senses and it can be very painful.

This is where good people snap… also because the healing of sleep can get very interrupted. Wake up way to early, having a hard time finding the doorway to the healing sleep that provides a reset for the brain and the nervous systems.

If you should be approaching sensory overload or are having it there are some very basic things you can do:


Most people who experience this just want to be left alone. Listen to that urge.

If you are in a relationship or with your family you won’t often be inclined to explain or excuse yourself. It can seem like an overwhelming task, since they often react with: “Is it us?”
Usually it isn’t but, in a way, it is, since they also create a storm of sensory input you don’t have the power to process. It can get critical and test the glue between you and them and to put it very honestly: ‘You don’t really care’ because you don’t have the power to care in this situation and excusing oneself is a disempowerment matrix, so the best one can do is to stand by it.

We can’t change what we do not acknowledge and pinpointing the situation and protecting oneself is the first step out of the situation. Multitasking feels like the Devil´s design and you really can’t, and you really shouldn’t. It’s time for the undistorted power of attention.

Go under a blanket and rest, rest, rest and enjoy the comfort of not getting impacted or find a similar method. Under a tree in nature, walk alone in the city and focus into a detached state of mind: Hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing. Get a little Bourbon in you.

There´s a difference in getting the sensory overload and breaking down from it.

If you are in an overload, your first job is to protect yourself and not everybody else. Since too much ‘politeness and caring’ because you feel you must explain yourself can actually trigger the breakdown. A very common symptom of sensory overload is: That you don’t feel like talking up the walls and the ‘wall to wall carpet discussion’ will take you down:
Go Self and protect your Self.

You can explain later. Right now, you´re too doggone tired for that without the gift of pinpointing what took your system into that state.

That is a pain, when we don’t know.
And because we don’t know, sometimes we lash out. And that’s okay – but no solution, since the System Of Fear is pitting Brother against Brother and Sister against Sister and we do not want to follow that programming.

Either way – Take care…..

© 2021 Soren Dreier

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