The Lucifer Heatwave – Wildfires Sweeps Southern Europe

August 7, 2017

Firefighters continue to battle wildfires across southern Europe amid a deadly heatwave that has already killed five people.

The deaths in Italy and Romania have been attributed to the extreme conditions since the heatwave, dubbed ‘Lucifer’, set in around the start of August.

Meanwhile, fires have already destroyed about 5,000 hectares on the island of Corsica and continue to wreak havoc.

French authorities have ferried firefighters and trucks from the mainland to help battle a forest fire that has been raging for three days.

The regional authority for southern Corsica warned Friday that the fire has spread north and it could take several days to extinguish the blaze on the Mediterranean island.

Some 70 new firefighters and 15 vehicles were sent Friday from the mainland, but the regional authority said rough terrain and exceptionally hot, dry weather is complicating efforts.

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