The Venusian Out Of Body Experience

October 27, 2017

In my first out-of-body Venusian travel experience, I catapulted myself out into space. By the way, there’s no ‘silver string’ connecting our soul to our body to ‘stop us getting lost’ when we go out of body, as many claim.

In my mind’s eye I caught a glimpse of Venus, and wondered whether to go up close or not. While deliberating, I felt myself being pulled in.

Using one’s inner eye calls for a duality of conscience: On the one hand, you know you are sitting in a chair in your home, and on the other hand, you know that you are not. Too much pondering on that fact will send you crash landing, so don’t.

The three bodies each of us has reflect the three densest realities: the physical, the astral and the etheric. The Morph is a much lighter reality that exists at higher altitudes above this field of perception. When we do out-of-body traveling of this sort, we are in the etheric universe but also surfing the Morph – a much higher reality – through it.

I will describe Venus for you, but first, know that I am critical regarding these kinds of subjective experiences. That’s because I prefer a sober spirituality over one where ‘anything goes’. So, for some years I didn’t mention going to Venus to anybody, I just went.

One day, I visited an artist of mine who showed me her tremendously beautiful, golden-like pictures. The centerpiece of one of her paintings was very similar to what I had seen on my travels to Venus, so I asked her where she had got her inspiration from.

She said, “Oh, that’s Venus.”

Her answer sent shivers of gratitude down my spine. Since then, 5 different people have initiated conversations about what Venus is like with me.

I will describe a few major things. There’s a lot more to say, but as it’s a shared reality, what can be seen there varies a lot due to the interaction of different perceptions.

Venus Traveling Guide:

Put your mind at ease. Many do it through meditation, and that’s good. Eventually you don’t have to anymore – I don’t, I just catapult.

Picture Venus in your mind’s eye and you will start to experience it. If you have difficulties at the start, be patient – you will penetrate the spheres eventually.

On Venus there is a big, beautiful fountain that has fruits growing up and around it’s edges.  The fruits look differently there, and smell of honey and roses.

When you feel the feel – you know that it’s real. Getting sensory input of scent, sound, taste, and temperature as you travel out of body is important, since this can’t be faked. If you get these impressions, you know you are there, and not just making it up.

The fountain’s water is the deepest of blue and has flowers floating on the surface. Eight transcendent dolphin statues hold up the fountain’s spout, from which the water silently flows out. The dolphins are solid, but the blue, silver and golden lights of their meridian systems can be seen too. It’s a big ‘Wow!’ that shows the level of artistic grandeur that comes as standard on Venus.

Surrounding the fountain are marble pathways that lead to ancient, Roman-looking gardens. These gardens have benches made of etheric light from which you can view the fountain.

Go and sit on one of the benches and look deeply into the fountain. The next thing you know, beings appear in the scene. They’re walking, talking, and some of them are holding hands.

I call these beings The Tall Light Ones. They live on Venus. (Incase you wondered, the bowls of etheric fruit you see around the pathways are for them).

It took me a while to ‘hear’ them since they really don’t talk. They just make mouth movements as they telepathically transfer information. But still, it is possible to tune in.

If you spot them, they will approach you because they are very kind.

The first time I was approached by them, I almost lost my focus and started to pull back into my body. Seeing that, one of them reassuringly put her hand on my shoulder, and said, “You’re most welcome, which building are you here for?”

The instant she said that, buildings manifested. I pointed to a most vibrant building there was. It looked at bit like Gaudí’s cathedral in Barcelona.

“Oh, you are here for education,” she said, “very good.” Then she walked away, and I made my way to class.

Education on Venus is a big school. You enter this massive place with doors going off in all different directions. Don’t worry if you don’t know where you’re going; you’ll find the right door and right seat number.

When you take your seat, have a look around at your fellow students as you may see people you either know, or will later come to know. That’s one of the wonderful mysteries of Venus: I’ve seen strangers there whom I’ve shortly after met in real life. Remarkable.

Music sometimes plays in the buildings. To give a hint, it resembles Bach’s Air, but is even more subtle.

If you find yourself in one of Venus’ school rooms, it is not my experience that we pick every word up of what we’re taught. After these education sessions, my Venusian travels would end with me waking up in my bed in 3D. So in that sense, education on Venus is a bit like regular school – you doze off. Nah, just kidding.

One of the tricks to being on Venus is to embed the concept of expansion. When you’ve got that, buildings that appear to be solid can morph into the vastness of the horizon. So, in order to get around, decide that walls are not walls: They are merely portals to going anywhere you like on the planet, and the beautiful hallways go on forever and ever.

Another thing: There is one deal breaker on Venus: If a door doesn’t open for you – you are not supposed to open it and you can go no further. Stand down.

© 2017 Soren Dreier

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