Video – Go Walking With an Elephant Herd

August 12, 2020

Get up close with the wildlife of the Okavango Delta in a new 360-degree video. 

Botswana is home to nearly half the continent’s remaining savanna elephants, most of them in the Okavango Delta. In a new 360-degree video, you can venture through this wilderness and get very up close and personal with its most iconic creatures.

Sit at the feet of an elephant as it passes by. Watch as a group of adults and calves curiously look directly into your eyes and try to decide if you’re a threat. And watch the sun set over the grasslands as you sit beneath a 2,000-year-old baobab tree.

This is the second episode of “The Okavango Experience,” a 360-degree, virtual reality series following National Geographic Society’s Okavango Wilderness Project. An international team of scientists, guides, and support staff, led by conservation biologist Steve Boyes, is exploring and surveying the Okavango River Basin, which stretches from southern Angola, through a narrow strip of Namibia, and into the delta of northern Botswana.

The video is best viewed with a VR headset, but you can still get the 360 experience by watching it on above (if you’re on a desktop computer) or going to the National Geographic channel on the YouTube app (if you’re on mobile).

Because of Angola’s long-running civil war, the basin’s rivers that feed the Okavango Delta have been little explored. But that’s also why the region is so pristine. “The vegetation and the landscape are extremely well preserved because land mines are everywhere, and no one’s going to go in there,” says Neil Gelinas, the director of Into the Okavango, a documentary about the expedition.

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